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Biometrics is gradually replacing the password as the core security infrastructure in a number of organizations, though its use is yet to be adopted by industries at large due to the costs associated with the technology.

But thanks to new biometric software, most of which come without a charge and some in a freemium model, most users can now protect their computers without shelling out hefty prices. Specifically, several facial recognition software are finding wide adoption in the technology world because of the ease and speed with which they can be installed and used.

One such technology that I find of interest in the market is 3M’s ePrivacy Filter Software, which features a seamless interface and user-friendly functions to help users protect their computers from thieves and any other unauthorized hands.

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The ePrivacy Filter Software is designed to work best with 3M’s Privacy Filter, which serves as a physical filter providing a 180-degree visual privacy check by scanning your background to see if someone is eavesdropping on your PC. But the ePrivacy Filter Software can also work hand in hand with your webcam, so I wasted no time to try out its features.

First off, the software does not take a large portion of your memory since it comes with 36.3 MB of file size, meaning you can open it for as long as your PC is open without experiencing a heavy impact on your computer’s performance.

After I completed the installation process for nearly three minutes, ePrivacy Filter Software automatically connected with my webcam to detect the features of my face. The resulting images were then recorded as the legitimate user, which will be compared to subsequent users of the PC to identify unauthorized persons from the legit user.

The software took several shots of my face probably to register various facial features. I then asked my brother to sit on my chair facing the computer and the software started to blur the PC’s screen upon detecting that a new user is using my PC. On the blurred display the login box was displayed to ask the new user to enter the password because the ePrivacy Filter Software presumes that an unauthorized person is trying to gain access to my PC.

Afterward, I asked my brother to peep over my shoulder into my computer and ePrivacy Filter Software took a snapshot of my brother’s face and alerted me about someone who was looking over my shoulder.

While using ePrivacy Filter Software, it met my needs for an easily operable facial recognition tool.

You can download the software by visiting and try it for yourself. You can enter the activation code VX7J-3CVJ-AyW2-X4PQ to start 30-day trial, notice that a webcam and a Windows PC are required to use the software.

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