Computers have made our lives easier. Just one click or tap, you can get any information. Can you think of a world without computers or smartphones? It might be near impossible.

One of the best inventions is the smartphone. In the past, phones were made just for communicating with each other and at that time, people thought of it as a great invention. As well as new technologies  can make your study easier there are many online resources which can help you, for example with original writing essay so you just need to find the suitable one for you.

Today, smartphones have taken over the world. College students use smartphones for many purposes. For example, you can read a book from your smartphone, listen to music, alarm, access to the internet, create a document, and many more. However, there are some apps that every student should have in their smartphone. In this blog, we will talk about the top 5 apps that every student should have in their smartphone in 2020.

1. Duolingo

Do you want to learn a new language? Now there is no need to take extra classes because Duolingo is here. This app is an educational app through which you can learn a new language. There are many languages that you can choose.

Furthermore, the course is divided into many topics with practice sessions which will improve your learning process.


Let’s assume you are reading a book. You came across a word and you don’t know its meaning. will help you to look for its meaning.

No matter which degree you are pursuing, you should have this app on your smartphone. Moreover, it not only tells the meaning of that word, but it will also tell synonyms, antonyms, etc. The best part is that you can use it offline as well.

3. TED

Leaning new theories can be frustrating. The reason is that the fundamentals in the books are difficult to understand. The best solution is learning from TED. Moreover, this app contains many innovative ideas that are published by famous personalities.

In addition, those ideas are not only informative but fun to hear too. As a matter of fact, it also helps in reducing stress and at the same time, it will update you with new innovative ideas.

4. Udemy

Jack Ma (CEO of Alibaba) once said, “I told my son: you don’t need to be in the top three in your class, being in the middle is fine, so long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only this kind of person [a middle-of-the-road student] has enough free time to learn other skills.”

Learning new skills is very important these days. Udemy provides the best courses online. You can watch it on your smartphone as well. You can enroll at any time, all the course videos will unlock and you will also receive a certificate claiming that you completed the course.

5. WPS Office

WPS Office is one of the best utility apps that will open any kind of document. Your classmate sends you a timetable in pdf format, through the WPS office, you can open it. Furthermore, the WPS office allows you to edit your document as well. You can download the WPS Office for free.


Smartphones are one of the best technologies. It allows you multitasking. This means smartphones can do many times at a time. Smartphones allow you to download apps. Many apps will make your work easy. You should download these apps so that you can boost your learning process. Last but not least, the list doesn’t end here, there are many other apps that you should try it out, after all, most are free to download.

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