8 Success Traits Of Great CEO’s And Successful Entrepreneurs

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It’s true… most great CEO’s and successful entrepreneurs have common traits which (when balanced), boost their growth more than any other single characteristic.

What are those traits?

It’s not a big bank account or dazzling charisma like many business novels would have you believe.

Top business consultant and author of The Balanced Entrepreneur, Donald Wong, points to the following eight success traits that drive new growth in almost any industry:

  1. A clear Vision of where their company needs to grow
  2. The ability to Execute on the right tasks
  3. An eye for Talent
  4. Resourcefulness
  5. 5. Focus on the Bottom Line
  6. The ability to make fast, analytical Decisions
  7. A health Ego

The number one focus of any business needs to be growing their bottom line, and the above list is a highly focused process map for bottom line growth.

However, Wong points out that the eighth trait is the one which acts as the accelerator to all the others, or, when disregarded, slows or stops growth in any organization.

The ability to grow a business is directly determined by how well the CEO or business owner can balance their focus (in business and in life).

The above list should be printed and taped to your desk or mirror, but, Wong states that during times of great business growth, focus is almost always taken away from family or health or personal hobbies. Those who fail to remain balanced in their life seem to struggle more, feel less fulfilled, and eventually they lose their drive to keep growing in business.

Structured Balance is the eight success trait.

The truth is that every executive is driven to grow, but many get caught up in business growth which inevitably throws their balance off in life, and in turn slows their business growth. What remains is confusion over how to feel truly successful.

The challenge is being able to step back and accurately determine what area(s) in business or in life is out of balance and stunting your focus and performance. Master this, and everything else in life becomes easier…

Donald Wong developed a Mind Map that helps CEO’s and entrepreneurs quickly pinpoint area’s in their life which can be tweaked to boost performance fast. Grab your copy now at worklifebalance

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  1. This is a great piece! I for one can attest to all eight traits Mr Wong spoke about here, especially the one about balancing your life and work. I’ve often forgotten about my health when launching a new business – and paid the price for it, so I was glad to see this highlighted in your post!

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