Aerolife Energy Review – New air-based smart nutrition system

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I have the opportunity to try Aerolife Energy, a new air-based smart nutrition system, and I’m very excited because I’m on the move a lot, and always looking for energy boost.

I received the AeroLife Energy, Sleep and Immunity smart nutrition samples, it is their Energy offering on which I will focus as it is available as free trial on their website. Let’s take a lookt at how it works. The AreoPods contain the powdered smart nutrition, you will just need to twist the mouthpiece, gently pull to extend the mouthpiece, place the system above your lips, draw in some air and then you will feel the powder lands onto your tounge.

An AeroLife pod could provide 3-5 uses, so you can get as much as you want during the day. The Aerolife system worked great, and it is really a unique way to have nutrition delivered.

At the moment, Areolife Energy is available in three flavors, which are Raspberry, Watermelon, Mint and Coffee. The watermelon flavor is my favorite as it really tasted like watermelon. Each of those flavors contains the same amounts of vitamins and nutrients, so your choice is narrowed down into your favorite flavor.

Inside the AeroLife Energy AeroPod are vitamins B6 and B12, plus 100mg of caffeine. I love the product because it has no calories, no sugar and no liquids.

Overall, this concept of an air-based smart nutrition system is pretty new and I am really enjoying the product. I’d definitely keep one when I don’t have time to have a cup of coffee or when I play sports. You can get a free trial of AeroLife by visiting Start your free trial now.

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