Best Business Universities in Australia

The top business universities in Australia are among some of the best schools of business in the world. The University of Texas in Dallas (UTD) and “Financial Times” both produced lists of top business schools worldwide. The “Financial Times” list produced a list of three top Australian graduate business schools, while the UTD list corroborated two of the three schools on the list.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management


The third highest rated school of business in Australia on the “Financial Times” list (No. 99) is the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) at Macquarie University. MGSM offers various degrees at the graduate level including the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and the Ph.D. MGSM offers an international program, allowing students to study abroad at its partner institutions around the world in locations such as Germany and Chile (among others). The program offers various areas of concentration: operations management, marketing, decision and information sciences, economic context of management, managerial accounting, organizational behavior and strategic management.Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Macquarie University
Talavera Rd.
NSW 2109

Melbourne Business School


The second highest rated Australian business university is located at the University of Melbourne. The Melbourne Business School (MBS) ranked No. 63 on the “Financial Times” list of global MBA programs in 2010. UTD also ranked the program in its top-100 list of global MBA programs (No. 91) for its research contributions in the field of business from 2005-2009. MBS also offers the MBA and a variety of other degree programs. Students can pursue a Master of Management degree in the field of business innovation or a Master of Marketing degree as well. At the doctoral level, MBS offers the Ph.D. The Ph.D. program offers concentrations in the areas of marketing, management and management science. Students also have the option of pursuing joint-degrees in conjunction with the MBA. Students can study law or information systems. Post-graduate studies are offered in management, social impact, innovation and marketing.

Melbourne Business School
200 Leicester Street
Carlton, Victoria 3053

Australian School of Business


The University of New South Wales is the highest rated business university in Australia at No. 36 on the “Financial Times” list. Similarly, the program was ranked by UTD for its research contributions from 2005-2009 at No. 79 among all programs worldwide. The university’s Australian School of Business (ASB) offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees in various fields of business. Undergraduate concentrations include information systems, international commerce and economics. The graduate program at ASB offers interdisciplinary studies programs in conjunction with the MBA program. Students can receive either the Master of lLaws and Management or the Master of Laws degree. Students wanting to study abroad can study in Hong Kong as well as in Australia. The MBA program at ASB is offered as both an executive program and in the more traditional format for business students en route to executive level positions.

Australian School of Business
The University of New South Wales
UNSW Sydney NSW 2052

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