With more and more businesses going through the process of digitalization, it’s time to make all your business transactions and approval process fully digitized.

Back in the day, when everything or most of the things regarding business transactions were done manually; it was okay to prepare the documents, print them out, sign them, and finally get them delivered. Today, this process of human workflow seems to be in the past. It requires way more time and human resources; while creating a not-so-good impression for your business.

Many companies tried to solve these issue by integrating their authorization process to ERP and ECM but is still required to go through the process of printing and signing off things manually. Thankfully, there are now some electronic signature solution providers like the GoSign to sign digital documents; which can eliminate all the drawbacks of half-baked previous systems and make your transactions and approval process completely digital.

One Solution with Comprehensive Applications

With an advanced e-signature solution like the GoSign to sign digital documents, you have to no longer be content with a partially digital transaction process. Instead, you can convert all your process to an end-to-end digital solution.

The best electronic signature solution usually offers a few different levels of legal and regulatory compliances to be used for different purposes. For example, a simple electronic signature may just be enough for less risky, internal transactions; while a qualified e-signature would give the documents, contracts, or approvals full legal values, the same as any physical legal contracts. Therefore, going paperless in a business environment no longer seems to be a structural issue, as all the process of preparing, sending, approving, and storing business transactions can now be conducted digitally through an automated, quick system.

A specialized e-signature can be applied for any inbound or outbound transactions, with worldwide legal validity. It can be used for internal approvals, business to consumer transactions, business to employee transactions, or business to business transactions, etc. 

Benefits of Fully Digital Transactions

Going entirely paperless when it comes to processing business transactions with valid approval is a very eco-friendly process. It also saves the hassles of printing and rearranging all the documents for approval; saving time, energy, and money in the process. Digital transactions are relatively cheaper and require little to no human interventions; saving some additional costs in terms of human resources and training.

Not to mention the elimination of the nightmare that comes with storing and archiving paper documents, and then finding them later on. A fully digitalized approval process is the requirement of the time; which can make your entire business process more efficient and effective. With full legal values for your paperless documents, it also happens to be the less risky method of conducting your business in the modern world. It automates the entire process, is accessible through any devices from anywhere, and gets a lot done in a short time; enhancing the reputation of your brand in the process.

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