Small businesses often run on tight margins and need to be working to full capacity at all times, so as a business leader you need to make sure that you do everything in your power to make your organisation as efficient as possible.

This means ensuring that your staff work to the best of their abilities. Here are some useful tips on how you can boost productivity in your small business and make your staff work harder, whilst maintaining a calm and supportive atmosphere that benefits everyone.

Outsource Small Tasks To Give Staff More Time To Focus On Their Jobs

Staff in small businesses often have to take on additional tasks that aren’t part of their main role. These extra jobs can eat into their time and cause them to underuse their core skillsets. To avoid this, outsource some tasks to allow staff to concentrate on their roles and use their skills to the fullest.

Take Away Any Distractions

It might seem like fun to have an office dog, a pool table or whatever other quirky product the cool offices on Instagram have, but these items can be distracting for your staff and cause them to spend less time focusing on their roles. Remove any distractions or put them away so that they can be taken out during break times and then stored away again when it’s time for your team to get back to work.

Create A Productive Working Environment

The space that your staff work in will affect their productivity significantly, particularly if they are based in one location permanently. Working in a dirty, disorganised space can be hard, so collaborate with a specialist commercial cleaning company like Ideal Cleaning to create an environment where your staff can flourish.

Support Good Mental Health Among Your Team

Stress and poor mental health can lead to reduced productivity among your staff, and even lead to a burnout that could leave you without skilled team members. As a senior member of staff, you need to monitor your team and support any staff who appear to be suffering from poor mental health in your workplace, so that everyone is able to carry out their roles and feel confident.

Evaluate Workloads

One key cause of workplace stress is too much work, so make sure that you make time to evaluate everyone’s workload regularly to ensure that all your team members have enough time to carry out their roles. Promoting a supportive internal culture where staff aren’t overworked is an important part of running any business, so invest time and effort into helping your staff manage their workloads effectively, either by removing tasks or by implementing new tools and procedures to save time. 

Balancing productivity with staff wellbeing can be a challenge, but by following these tips you should be able to help your staff to do the best job they can so that your clients keep coming back to work with your organisation time and time again.

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