Presidential Hotel Suites in Vietnam

These are the most expensive hotel suites in Vietnam. Although they are priced from $700 to $4,500 per night, there are always no rooms left to book.

Presidential suites are not only the choices of Presidents in their visits to Vietnam, they are also the choices of celebrities and wealthy people. In Vietnam, only some 4-5 star hotels have presidential suites and they are the most expensive, most luxurious rooms there.

1. Sofitel Metropole Hotel (Hanoi)

sofitel-metropole hanoi

The presidential suite in Sofitel Metropole Hotel is also 305 sq.m. It includes many special in-room services. To stay here in one night, you have to pay over $2000. Hollywood movie stars Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and US writer Graham Reene stayed here.

2. InterContinental Hanoi Westlake (Hanoi)


Visitors have to pay $4,500/night at the 305 sq.m presidential suite at this 5-star hotel. The suite is located on the fourth floor of the major building, No. 401. This is the best location in the hotel, which ensures privacy, comfortableness and good observation with seven balconies. All windows use bullet-proof glass panels. The roof and wall are all protected by specialized materials.

3. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel (Hanoi)


Imperial suite is the pride of this ancient hotel. The room is 200 sq.m, located on the sixth floor of Opera Wing building. The price is $3,000/night.

4. La RĂ©sidence (Hue)


The presidential suite is located on the top floor of the French-style La Residence Hotel in the central city of Hue. The room is 72 sq.m and a terrace, which was a helipad in the French-rule period. The most outstanding advantage of this room is its 360 degree range of vision. From the room, visitors can see the Hue royal citadel, Huong river, Ngu mountain, Truong Tien bridge, etc. The price is $612/night.

5. Caravelle Hotel (HCM City)


The 180 sq.m presidential suite is on the 9th floor, beside the signature lounge for VIP. It is designed with European style and costs $1,200/night.

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