Ford is a well-known car manufacturer and they’ve just introduced some new smart electric bikes, Ford MoDe:Flex, Mode:Pro and Mode:Me.

The smaller MoDe:Me bike was built by Dahon and it has smart bells and whistles including a rear-facing ultrasonic sensor. We are living in a multimodal world, where people might ride the folding bike to a train station, take a train downtown and then keep riding to their destination.


On the other hand, the bigger MoDe:Flex is powered by 200W motors, fold to fit on a train or in the trunk of a car, and with pedal assist, help riders reach speeds of up to 15mph. It also features unique front and rear suspension assemblies which can be configured for different terrains like road, mountain or city.

We haven’t got any info about price and release date of the Ford e-Bikes.

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