Free & Easy Tour Service in Vietnam

There is a tour service gaining popularity in Vietnam and it appears to be the favorite service of travelers to Vietnam. Let’s discover the Free & Easy tour service.

This service arranges air travel tickets and hotel bookings without specific journey and tour guides. And one more advantage is that it could save a significant amount as prices are escalating all over. Although the Free & Easy service has gained popularity and made many tourism agencies suffer big losses recently, local tour operators still offer cheap deals in a bid to maintain domestic customers. The number of people using the Free & Easy tour service is growing considerably this year. People can meet their low budgets but tour companies have seen a reduction on package tours this year.


At the moment, not only tourist agencies but also airlines seem to exploit this service for domestic and foreign destination travelers. It is believed that the widespread popularity of this service will surely affect businesses and sales in tourist agencies. Package tours were always the best choice for the elderly, but Free & Easy tours are very popular with the young who don’t want to follow tour schedules and can’t afford a high rate.

Single tourists or those wanting to travel in small groups are more interested in this service because they can arrange more personalized tours. Customers can call the company to ask for Free & Easy service and book air tickets or hotel rooms and plan their vacation as per these bookings.

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