50% of Pizza Hut’s Orders are from Mobile

Pizza Hut iphone

How mobile is important to Businesses these days? Does your company need an iPhone app or a mobile website? According to Pizza Hut, mobile accounts for half of all its orders, ordering pizza with users by way of SMS, mobile websites and even an iPhone app.

Beside Pizza Hut’s claims, a recent study from comScore shows that Yellow Pages and local search on the mobile Web business can open a business to “younger, wealthier, on-the-go consumers.”

In an article for Mobile Commerce Daily. Pizza Hut CMO Brian Niccol is quoted as saying that “mobile accounts for almost 50 percent of our orders” and orders that have actually surpassed mobile orders via the Web from home.

Now, maybe the local pizza shop does not need to invest in an iPhone application, but it absolutely can spend a little time on a mobile site as, when given a choice, many customers will go to use services that is easier to order.

Pizza Hut orders from iPhone app:

(via: readwriteweb.com)

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