As retail stores reopen after the COVID-19 induced lockdown, significant changes need to be executed for proper workplace preparation. There are specialised safety standards that need to be made to keep the environment safe for the visitors and the employees.

So, as you reopen your retail store and prepare for the arriving customers, visitors, and team members, social distancing signs need to be installed to keep the space safe and healthy for all. Good quality signs with proper descriptions, such as the ones being offered at, need to be installed at the right places so that social distancing norms can be followed at your store and the spread of COVID-19 can be contained.

Here is a guide to help you choose the right social distancing signs so that your business does not contribute to the virus’s transmission:

Choose the Right Message

You need to install many signs inside and outside of your store to help customers have a safe visit to your store. A limited crowd of people should be allowed to enter your store, and they need to keep six feet distance from each other (minimum). So, choose the signs that deliver these messages.

Some signs can be pasted on the floor, with a message that visitors are allowed to stand on these signs only to maintain social distance. Certain other messages also need to be installed in your store, such as the number of customers allowed at a time, wait here until your turn comes, sit on alternate seats, one-way signs, wait here until the counter is clear, wait here until you are called inside, etc.

As far as social distancing signs to be installed in a retail store are concerned, these are a few messages that your signs must deliver:

Be Short and Precise

People entering your store do not have time to read lengthy messages and instructions pasted on the wall. Customers have short attention spans, and they are usually in a hurry to grab their items and leave. So, the signs that you choose should be short and precise so that they deliver their message within less than ten words.

Fonts Should Be Easy to Read and Comprehend

Instead of using any fancy fonts and styles, make sure that the characters on your signs are easy to read and understand. There should be no multi-colours and curly cues. The message should be written bold and clear so that your visitors can quickly read them and follow. Since some customers visiting your store might have near or farsightedness, the font size should be big enough to be clear to them.

Once you choose the right social distancing signs for your retail store, paste them at the right places so that your customers can easily see them and follow the given instructions.

Such signs will not only keep your facility safe but will also improve your reputation as your customers will surely appreciate your effort. Just get in touch with a reputed company like that can help you make the right kind of signs for your store’s individual needs.

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