As we all know, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential if there is any chance that someone may come into harm’s way, no matter how serious this might be. PPE for construction and site use is even more important for those working in dangerous conditions, such as at heights and in confined spaces.

Even if you think you have all the safety equipment required to keep staff safe, work tents can often be overlooked. Having larger equipment on site is one step further for ultimate protection and work tents are no exception to this.

Here are four benefits to consider if you are deciding you’d like a work tent for your crew.

Against the Elements

Work tents are a great tool when seeking protection from the weather. They are wholly inclusive in protecting individuals from all types of weather conditions such as shielding from a storm or shade from the sun. Some companies have developed each work tent by featuring solar blocking material. This way, your team are fully shaded on a hot day when required and are not getting drenched by the rain while concentrating on different tasks. Plan for the unexpected and keep your crew safe against the elements.


If you are already not entirely convinced about investing in a work tent for your crew, it’s important to remember that comfortable and happy employees do the job better. Work tents are variable in where they can be situated; their interlocking flaps mean that two tents can be attached, or even attached to a vehicle. Not only does this mean your crew are protected, but they can also reap the benefits of shelter during their break or time-out. By keeping your team happy and sheltered, crew productivity will soar and you can boost work efficiency.

Great for Rescue

There are no doubts that work tents are an excellent piece of equipment to include within your rescue mission. Having a rescue plan first and foremost is essential for keeping your team safe and happy. However, briefing your rescue team and conducting drills of the potential rescue missions on-site fall short if you do not have appropriate material to conduct the mission in the first place. It might be useful to picture a rescue mission – like a confined space rescue, for example – and work out what your best option is if this was to be conducted in unexpected and adverse weather conditions. A work tent should be included in the picture.

Variable Protection

Your team are now protected on-site from unfavourable weather conditions and are comfortable on the job, what else? Work tents are an affordable alternative to having equipment becoming lost or stolen. Therefore, they act as a fantastic storage facility for personal items and other site equipment. Moreover, work tents are a great form of protection from dust and debris, especially when working on demolition sites.

It’s a no brainer – keep your team safe and happy!

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