Plagiarism has become such a renowned issue that hardly needs any definition. When you tell a friend how exactly you’ll be doing an essay and then find out that your ideas were stolen, you will, probably, say ‘You’re plagiarising my work!’ And, you will be totally right – stealing an idea is not a smaller kind of stealing.

The situation when someone presents your intellectual property as something that originally belongs to them is considered plagiarism all over the world. Oxford Dictionary laconically identifies plagiarism as ‘presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgment’, including both published and unpublished materials. It is also thought of as academic dishonesty or cheating and a serious violation of ethics.

This small article will dwell on the essence of plagiarism, as well as the ways to eliminate it and tools to help you do it. Let’s go and find it all out!

Understanding What Forms Plagiarism Takes

The most common picture of the process of plagiarism is when you directly take the whole or the part of someone’s paper, claiming that you have created this on your own. While it’s the most obvious form plagiarism usually takes, there are other cases worth considering. For example, you take the key idea invented by somebody else, put it in your own words, and never cite the author. Is it plagiarism?

If you don’t put the quotation marks, neglect mentioning the name of a real creator, or present their information in a distorted way, it is. Providing too little links to the original resources is also very close to plagiarising since everything you write in the term paper or research is automatically though as yours unless you cite.   

What Side Effects Does Plagiarism Have in Education?

Making the sphere of business unfold would be impossible without turning to education first. Naturally, people go to high school, college or university to reach their professional goals and lifelong ambitions. Educational establishments are the first places that make the windows of opportunities open up for you, and it’s here where everything begins. Stealing compositions, illustrations, and even simplest homework tasks at school can mark future chances to continue education in universities, reducing the performer of plagiarism to a lower status. That is why it’s so crucial to have the right beginning at school – like learning without plagiarism – to grant kids a brighter future.

Going higher, universities make it a strict rule to avoid plagiarism at any cost, even making expulsion a normal practice as a punishment for stealing intellectual property. This, in turn, cannot be positive for the future career.

Business + Plagiarism = a Sure Formula to Destroy Your Career

Not all professions are interconnected with intellectual work and achievements. Those carrying the most responsibility, like magazine authors, news writers, scientists, and political activists, are very much looked at. Anyway, such a fateful mistake is deadly in any workplace, especially today, in 2020, when the new decade brings new demands.

All those public scandals, famous people getting fired and losing trust, the ruination of reputations and closing every perspective to get back again, – these things tell us from the social media and TV that plagiarism backfires on people and it’s never worth it.

Final Word: Avoiding Plagiarism (Both Intentional and Unintentional)

Okay, the whitest type of plagiarism today is that performed unconsciously. Still, the unawareness of the act doesn’t free us from the responsibility for it. That is why we suggest that you should make several rules a total must for you and follow these rules whenever getting down to writing. You will never regret the decision to keep to academic honesty.

So, here they are, your life saving tips to take as Gospel and evade putting yourself in awkward or threatening situations.

Always check out the authors.

Let’s imagine you’re reading an average Wikipedia article. Since you’re not a school child anymore to think that you can just take the ideas, scroll down to the list of sources. There might be books, stories, pamphlets, and other publications available online that can serve you as a brilliant contribution to research work. Just don’t forget to mention all the sources, even if it’s just a link to the book at Google Books.

Know how to use online help.

Or what kind of help to use. Be attentive to the procedure of writing and check every single page of your order. With trusted essay writing services like that leave all customers satisfied with the job they do, this won’t be a problem. Professional academic writers at this online essay writing company never indulge in plagiarism and write unique papers from scratch.

Plagiarism is not for cool guys, and it’s quite clear now! Be on the light side – don’t plagiarize!

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