New 3D Wideboy Printer family from Makism 3D

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Do you remember the days printers are just used to print flat documents? That’s the past now as 3D printers can help us create real stuffs, you are being the God now. You can easily print a case designed by your own for your iPhone, or you can create toys, building for your kids. The imagination is not limited anymore.

Prices for 3D printers keep going down, and Makism 3D Corp are trying to make them more accessible and affordable for everyone, even you are professionals or home users. Now all of us can buy a 3D printer for the price of a MacBook Pro and make our 3D visions a reality.

 photo 352ec763-c67e-463c-8019-45b1ab230afb_zps29167f75.jpg

Makism 3D Printers just introduced an innovative family of consumer grade printers for a very great price. They are trying to bring this truly advanced form of personal manufacturing into our living rooms. The printers are designed to empower organizations and individuals to create high quality individually manufactured prototypes, parts and objects, quickly and precisely.

Design of the printers are minimalist yet gorgeous, that’s why it can easily fit to your working space or home office. The products feature high quality British/German engineered components and we can use them directly out-of-the-box, it almost won’t require you to read manual or set up anything, everything is so simple. The Wideboy family of 3D printers is emphasizing two factors with its product. First, the Wideboy is easy to use. Besides, the Wideboy printers has a high quality of build, it uses high quality components like carbon-fiber and quality control in the build process. To back it up, the Wideboy family of 3D printers come with a 3 year parts warranty.

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