Best Hotels For Business Travelers

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San Francisco real estate is worth its weight in gold, and getting a good-looking pad in one of the city’s many gorgeous, atmospheric neighborhoods is notoriously expensive. It’s good news for visitors, then, that they don’t have to buy a place to enjoy the benefits–and business travelers are luckier still, if they can expense the hotel tab. Continue reading “Best Hotels For Business Travelers”

Is Vietnam Finally Ready for Foreign Investors?

Has Vietnam’s moment finally arrived? Explosive wage growth and labor strife in China and India, favored destinations for foreign investment in Asia, have multinationals taking a serious look at Vietnam as a low-cost alternative for new factories and call centers. “We’re cheaper—much cheaper,” says Nguyen Than Nam, chief executive officer of FPT, a Hanoi-based IT outsourcer and distributor of cell phones with $1 billion in revenue last year. Vietnam is ready to compete head-on for foreign investment, says Nam. “We are trying to be the ‘one.’ ” Continue reading “Is Vietnam Finally Ready for Foreign Investors?”

Travel Sites Get Boost from 4-Star Hotel at 3-Star Cost


Great deals are driving consumers to continue booking flights and hotel rooms, Orbitz President and Chief Executive Barney Harford told in an interview.

At hotels, “occupancy is low, and that’s great for consumers,” Harford says. “If you’re still working and you feel reasonably good about the economic outlook, being able to get a four-star hotel for a three-star price can be attractive.” Continue reading “Travel Sites Get Boost from 4-Star Hotel at 3-Star Cost”

50% of Pizza Hut’s Orders are from Mobile

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How mobile is important to Businesses these days? Does your company need an iPhone app or a mobile website? According to Pizza Hut, mobile accounts for half of all its orders, ordering pizza with users by way of SMS, mobile websites and even an iPhone app. Continue reading “50% of Pizza Hut’s Orders are from Mobile”