Vietnamese System of Legal Documents

Legal documents

Taking into account one issue in Vietnam that refers to legal document, one might be confused when encountering phrases such as: law, resolution, decree, order, decision, circular…

These phrases appear in regulation documents such as: Law on Enterprises No.60/2005/QH11 on 29 November 2005, Decree No.88/2006/ND-CP on 29 August 2006 on Business registration, Decision No.10/2007/QD-BTM on 21 May 2007 announcing the schedule of implementation of trading and distribution activities

So what are law, constitution, resolution, decree, order, decision, circular? What are the differences between them and purpose of each one? Continue reading “Vietnamese System of Legal Documents”

American College Rankings in 2010

Williams College

Forbes has announced the list of public and private colleges and universities rankings in 2010. Forbes’ methodology includes the following percentages: Listing of Alumni in the Who’s Who in America (25 percent), student evaluations of professors from (25 percent), 4-year graduation rates (16 2/3 percent), enrollment-adjusted numbers of students and faculty receiving nationally competitive awards (16 2/3 percent), average four year accumulated student debt of those borrowing money (16 2/3 percent). Continue reading “American College Rankings in 2010”