Registered Enterprises and Capital of main regions of Vietnam in 2008

The first chart indicates average capital that is registered by enterprises in 8  regions of Vietnam in 2008. Average registered capital ranged from 5.45 to 9.92 billion VND for 7 regions and Mekong Delta was exceptional high with 23.8 billion VND. Explaining for Mekong Delta’s high average capital, it can be referred to some large enterprises that is located in this region. For example Tan Tao Group (register capital 5000 billion VND); Thai Son corporation (200 billion VND); Viet Thanh Steel company (180 billion VND)… However, these statistic should be used with caution since registered capital is self-declare by enterprises, there is no law require enterprises to prove the existence of their registered capital.

The second chart shows data on proportion of enterprise and proportion of capital for each region among the eight regions. Red River Delta had the highest percentage of capital, the second highest percentage of number of enterprise and these two data is almost alike with 32.41% for capital and 32.04% for number of enterprises. Red River Delta is popular with enterprises since here is where the capital city is located.

Mekong Delta is the region with the highest average capital per enterprise, as consequence, while the proportion of capital in this region is 21.36%, the percentage for number of enterprise is just 7.82%.

Average registered capital per enterprise, by region, in 2008

No. Region Average registered capital per enterprise(VND billion)
1 Red River Delta 8.82
2 North eastern region 7.50
3 North western region 6.18
4 North Central region 5.45
5 South Central Coastal region 6.04
6 Highlands 9.92
7 South eastern region 6.63
8 Mekong Delta 23.80

Percentage of registered enterprises and capital of regions in 2008

No Region % of registered enterprises % of registered capital
1 Red River Delta 32.04 32.41
2 North eastern region 4.69 4.04
3 North western region 0.86 0.61
4 North Central region 4.70 2.94
5 South Central Coastal region 7.01 4.86
6 Highlands 3.06 3.48
7 South eastern region 39.78 30.26
8 Mekong Delta 7.82 21.36

(Data Source: Enterprise Information Center – Agency for Enterprise Development)

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