Establish yourself in the fashion and luxury goods industry with an MBA in Luxury Brand Management in Italy.

A career in the design, fashion and luxury goods industry is highly rewarding. It is also very competitive, with many brilliant minds vying for a position in the industry. With hundreds of prestigious, globally renowned brands founded in Italy, there is no doubt it is the most acclaimed hub for the industry. So, having an MBA in Luxury Brand Management in Italy comes with a massive competitive advantage – either to enhance or establish your prospect in the industry. It can even land you a dream job in Milan, the fashion capital of the world.

MBA in Luxury Brand Management in Italy

If you are planning for an MBA in Luxury Brand Management in Italy, there is no better institute than the Bologna Business School. Operating in association with the University of Bologna, the school offers a Global MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods.

Aimed to provide managers and entrepreneurs with the Italian ways of doing things at the highest level, the program is designed to combine creativity with business. It has been an EPAS accredited program since 2015, which is issued by internationally acclaimed governing body EFMD, for maintaining the highest standard of teaching and integration with companies and other services.

Overview and Course Structure

The MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods is a full-time, 12-months program aimed at global students. Taught in English, the Bologna Business School allows for a maximum of 20 students per class in order to maintain their unrivalled standards. There are multiple stages of applications from February 2020, with a scheduled start date of 23rd September 2020. The average age of the participants is usually 30 years.

With an intention to nurture the vision and enhance the operational capabilities of the students, the course focuses on in-depth analysis of different fashion and design business models from multiple industries. Divided into three terms, the first term focuses on teaching students about the fundamentals of general management. In the next two terms, the focus shifts towards the specific subjects with courses that include- Fashion and Accessories, Industrial design and branding, Business model and business development LAB, International expansion and logistics, developing leadership and management qualities, etc.

In collaboration with numerous national and international companies, the course enables students to get an in-depth perspective on their subjects with real-life case studies, trajectory analysis and so on. It also includes a 500-hours long internship program at a prestigious company in the Fashion, Design and luxury goods industry.

Funding and Tuition Fees

Available to pay in three instalments, the program would cost students a total of 35,000 euros. Students can also apply for Honour Loan or merit based full or partial scholarship.

If you are a student from the Africa region, you can also apply for the Africa Scholarship Program offered in collaboration with the Foundation for World Wide Cooperation.

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