Recruitment agencies can help a person find a suitable job, whether they are working or not. Usually, there are many positions in the industry, and inexperienced candidates may ignore or ignore them. These agencies will help you find such positions based on your qualifications, interests, and skills. Usually, every time a candidate is hired, the recruitment agency will charge its client company a fee. However, some agencies, committee recruiters may also charge candidates. To be able to use the services of a recruitment agency, you must register with the company. There are several types of recruitment agencies available. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an e-recruitment company or an IT organization. To find the right job, it is important to understand the basics of each recruitment agency. In this article, we will guide you through different types of agencies.

Contingency Search Company

Recruitment agencies that can find candidates for their clients and get paid when hiring the candidates they submit are called emergency search companies. When they are hired, their search fee is usually 20% of the applicant’s salary. Companies do not work exclusively with customers like reserved search and may publish more content than reserved search.

General Recruitment Agency

General recruitment agencies or recruiters usually specialize in specific industries, such as healthcare, hotels, or technology. They are usually hired for unforeseen positions in entry-level and mid-level management positions. However, if they have established well-established positions in the industry or region, they can also be reserved for higher-level positions. Market.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing strategy. Under this strategy, urgently needed business goals or projects will be helped by consultants instead of long-term employees. The IT industry uses it to provide temporary IT professionals to provide consulting services for projects such as network development, software development, and network design. There are many reasons for working with recruitment companies, including improving the quality and recruitment of applicants, controlling recruitment costs, supporting the rapid growth of the business without overwhelming existing talents, and leveraging the skills and recruitment expertise that internal recruiters lack. Recruitment companies provide recruitment support at key moments in the business cycle, such as at the beginning, during periods of rapid growth. The IT industry uses it and key business processes (such as large-scale projects).

Large-Scale RPO

The large-scale outsourcing procurement process is part of the outsourcing process in which the procurement activities are outsourced to external service providers. The Contracting Process Outsourcing Association defines it as “when the supplier acts as the company’s internal contractual function for some or all of its work.” RPO provides program monitoring and other types of employee support (for example, B. Temporary employment agencies, client company processes. When the company’s staffing requirements are high and internal personnel cannot use its core for effective management, RPO is used. Responsibilities or the company does not have a human resources department. When properly combined with company strategy, economies of scale can be achieved at an economic cost.

Retained Search Agency

Retained Agency usually occupies a high position in the industry. These agencies are also called personnel consultants. The payment by the client company to the detained search agent is non-refundable, and part of it must be paid in advance for the detained search to fill the vacancy. The remaining amount will be paid after the client company hires employees. Look for candidates who meet the criteria set by the client company.

Niche Recruitment Agency

This recruitment agency is responsible for recruiting qualified candidates who specialize in specific disciplines. E-recruitment or aviation recruitment agencies are some examples of these categories. A niche recruitment agency can ensure that candidates are well-trained and fully meet the client company’s standards.


Using recruitment agencies can facilitate the recruitment and recruitment process. Your company can find the ideal person in many different ways. Advertise in your local newspaper or bulletin board, or rely on advice or your human resources department to find the ideal employee. However, using a recruitment agency is one of the most affordable options if your company does not have a human resources department.

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