Wifi Password at Enclave Hotel and Suites (Orlando, FL)

I’ve just got a short vacation in Orlando, Florida and there are so many great choices for hotels here. However, I chose the Enclave Hotel and Suites because it is located near the crowded International Drive, where you can visit most theme parks and popular restaurants easily.

Besides, the Enclave hotel is also offering very affordable price, which is just over $50 per day. One of the first factors when I choose a hotel is its Wireless network.

And yes the Enclave is offering free Wifi. A receptionist at Enclave will provide you the wifi password when you check in the hotel. You can use your laptop or mobile device to find the wifi networks named HOTAIR.

After connecting to the network, you will be required to sign in like the screen below:


On the text box of Code, just type in sunshine and below fill in your name. Check on the check-boxes below and there you go, you can access to the Internet now.

I stayed at Enclave twice. In the first time, the Internet was amazingly fast but I don’t know why it was so slow in the second time. Hopefully that was just temporary.

Let us know about the Wifi connection at Enclave hotel, do you have any problem with that?

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  1. Ricky, great comment – the codes change every week… but are readily available at the front desk… BUT, the exciting news is that the entire Enclave just went through a WiFi upgrade – the entire property. We literally quadruple the number of devices that can be support and increase the network connections between buildings to 100mb for each building!

    You will not have an issue in the future!! (unless you try to use the code “sunshine”…. sorry – it expired).


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